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December 26,1983

(Not sure about the timing)

I just don’t know where I am, when I came back to sense, I realized I was lying on a wet floor. Hopefully, I found my diary in the left pocket of my jacket. When I opened my eyes it was dark there, I couldn’t see anything. But after couple of minutes I noticed a small ray of light coming from one side of the room. I walk to that side and realized this room is made up of wood and a small cleft in this wood is the source of the light. I saw a fishing rod in one corner of the room. The door is on the opposite side, it’s an unconventionally small door for a man, maybe has a height of four feet or less. When I try to use another sense organ I hit by a pungent smell of fish fibres coming from the polystyrene buckets beside me.  A bottle of water is rolling on the floor near the buckets.  I am very much confused, for a second I thought that I have again lost my memory. But no, I do remember my name. I am Albert; I work as a driver in the house of a famous painter Jonathan Alderson in Orlando.

Yes, I have at least my five years short memory intact, which I am living with everyday. Because I don’t know what I was before that. Mr. Alderson told me that he found me in the park in California and I was severely wounded. He admitted me to the hospital, but no one came in search of me. So, he thought I was kind of outcast to the society. He took me to his house, taught me driving and appoints me in that work. It was so kind of him. I am not sure if it is true or not but never dare to question about who I really am.

Still, this is the most enigmatic moment for me. I have no idea where I am or where I am going to be. Because the thing that I am in is moving and if I am not too wrong, it is moving on water. I am feeling too much thirsty and hungry now, but there is no food. At least the water in the bottle may be worth drinking, I have no option I have to drink it.

December 27, 10 PM

Yes, I was right about my presumption. I am on a ship which is moving towards central Africa. This is the only information I got from the captain. His name is Clay Johansson. As he told me he is an excavator, he finds places rich with precious metals and stones which are not well known to people and basically make money out of it. Somehow he got information that in Congo there is an area which is rich in gold but is completely unknown to people outside the world. But it is his story, why I am here. His reason doesn’t seem to be very satisfactory to me. According to him I undergo an accident near Miami. I remember that I was with Mr. Alderson and his family and we are going to Miami to celebrate Christmas. As usually I was driving the car, but the next portion is complete black out. I don’t even remember to have an accident, from the car I am straight into his ship. I was senseless for almost three and a half day.

Clay got me on the beach and no one was near me, so after basic medication he decided to took me in his trip, as he need a person to accompany, great humanity, isn’t it?- so here is my doubt. But he is taking a very good care of me never asked me to do anything. But I am getting a feel of adventure for going to Africa. If Mr. Alderson’s son was here he would have trolled me as ‘blacky is going to the black country.’ It is the first time when I don’t feel angry after remembering this; instead I sense a thrill inside me sitting on the deck of the ship, which is approaching rapidly towards the mysterious adventure concealed across the ocean.

December 29, 9:30 PM

I am lucky, I am alive till now, but I have no words of gratitude for Clay. Yesterday night was just full of terrific incidents and disasters’ literally experienced how beautiful and atrocious an ocean can be. We had a plan for take a halt for gathering of food and fuel in Cape Verde, an island country near to morocco. But after dinner when I was going to write my diary, I felt great tremor, I was absolutely knocked down into the floor. The lamp from my desk fell on the floor and the bulb busted. I didn’t have its’ sound as the roar of ocean had suppressed it. It seemed to me that howl of the ocean was rushing through the sky may have torn the clouds and brought the thunder. The flashing of the thunder was lightening my room for moments. Our ship was rattling on those gigantic waves and nature was forcing to take its control. In the flash of the thunder I found my raincoat and came out on the deck and saw some shadows were running around here and there. I understood Clay and his men were fighting with the storm to take back the control of the ship.

I couldn’t stand on the deck still. I grabbed the railing and tried to go into the middle. I saw Clay on the second floor shouting on someone, but all sounds were buried under the roar of the ocean. I was kind of enjoying this mesmerizing horrific beauty of nature. The murmuring of the clouds was resonating through the horizon. Suddenly a huge wave hit our ship and I was knocked down as my hands slipped from the railing. I was rolling to another side very rapidly, I tried to grab anything but there’s nothing that could help me. I was sure that if I go in this fashion I was going to end in the ocean and no one could ever find me from there.

I tried the last time and got the railing in the opposite side but my full body was hanging from the deck. This might be the first time when I saw my death so closely. I tried to pull myself up but I had no strength left in my arms. I had no other way than shouting. So I shouted in my peak voice for help but the rumble of nature had suppressed it all. My hands were slipping from the rod, my eyes were getting blurry. I saw towards the ocean it has opened its mouth to swallow me. Somehow Clay saw me in that moment, I saw him running down the stairs and I lost my sense. I felt my hands are loosening from the railing and I was dropping into the ocean. When I came back to sense I was in my room with a blanket on me. I realized I have a fever. Clay saved my life one more time. Our ship is not moving now, when I came out of my room, one of Clay’s men came to me; maybe he appointed him to look after me. He told me to get back to the bed. We have anchored in an island called Funchal, almost 300 kms away from where we should be.

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