Sunday, April 16, 2017

Edge of the World

It was a very tiring day. Even if it is almost midnight the thermometer on the wall is showing 32°C. Robin reclines on his revolving chair. He notices his desk, the coffee cup that he has brought about one hour ago; he throws it in the bin beside him. His show is almost going to start as the digital clock on his table is showing 11:59. He makes himself ready, he pull the mic nearer to his mouth.

“Hello! All the insomniacs, it’s 12a.m. on the clock and RJ Deepak is with you with a bunch of Bollywood hits and a lot of solutions of your hardest problem. Here is always a pair of ear for you that will never stop listening to your problems. So guys and girls be ready for ‘The Midnight Talk’, here is only you and me. You can open up your mind near me, be frank share with me.”

“Whoever is awake till now, put up your phone, dial the number 1255-5252 and connect with me, share your emotions, your happiness, and loneliness with me. I am here for you. Make yourself prepare for today’s night…” He plays a song from the 90’s soundtrack and relaxes back into his chair. He knows- what will happen now, some pervert or lonely guys will call to say that they love some high status girl and as always robin will advice them to remain stick to it and don’t lose hope. Otherwise some girl or guy will call him to say how much he was/is being cheated by his bf or gf or how he/she hurt him/her blah bla bla.

Once there was an interesting incident, a man called him and was apologizing to his wife because he attempted to murder her a year before. Robin’s manager was almost going to call the police but he stopped him, because before starting the show they promised not to leak any information…..

Rings on the phone cramp his thought. Robin becomes ready, he made his voice as much energetic as possible, “welcome to Midnight Talk, can I know who is on the other side?” because he can only hear of a sobbing from the other end.

“Hello, am I taking to RJ Deepak?” the voice over the phone is quite atrophied; his breath is shivering over the mechanical channel.

Robin makes his voice as soft as possible, “yes, why are you crying Mr.? Can I know the reason? I am here to help you out; you can share your problem with me.” The same dialogue he repeats every day to bring out someone’s agony.

“I am…. Sumit…” he is almost crying, his words are intertwining. “I love a girl…. In my college, I helped her by every means…..I gave her my notes one day before exam because…. She has no time to Xerox. I have done everything I can, and then she proposed me, I accepted her proposal. I am spending our best phase but then her ex bf gives her a diamond ring and proposes her again. She melted in his ex’s words and left me, she was my perfect match….. I love her so much; I can’t sleep properly after this incident. What will I do now?” he almost broke down into tears.

Robin is indifferent, he dealt with this type of situation every day, he said, “don’t worry mate. You know, this earth is quite large. And why do you think the girl who ditches you is the love of your life? It isn’t true; you deserve something better, something beautiful. She is not worth of you”. Robin knows that nothing will be happen to these gawky morons. Their life will be just like the same as it is now. “Don’t get stale. Life has many wonders for you, believe in yourself and build your own road; the next song is for you. Listen to Midnight Talk only on 92.5 f.m.”

Robin cut the line, he doesn’t bother if the guy stopped crying or not. Its 12:40 Robin realises that the loser has wasted a lot of his time.

The song is almost going to finish and no one is calling in between it, the office is completely vacant now, only he and the dozy guard is present. So he have to do all the work himself, receiving the phone, playing songs all of them, the RJ room is completely cover by sound proof glass, no sound can come inside or go out, it’s an amazing thing. Robin is looking at the glass in the front door….

Meanwhile the phone rings, with the suddenness of the event the paperweight dropped from his hand, which make him more unprepared. He finally receives the phone.

“Hello”, a deep solemn voice is over the phone. Robin tries to assume the age of the speaker from his voice, he maybe mid aged, Robin thought.

“Yes, sir, who are you? I am RJ Deepak, you can share anything with me, if you are in a problem maybe I can suggest you a solution.”

The voice over the phone replied, “I can’t tell you my name, I heard you many times before.” He is taking so many pauses while speaking; it seems he is translating from another language.

“Sir, are you Indian?” Robin asks out of curiosity. “Yes, I am. You are surprised because I talk so slow, isn’t it?”

“Yes it is”, Robin replied. “I thought you are having problem speaking with me. Whatever, what is your problem sir, or what you want to share with me?”

Suddenly the other side got silent; Robin can’t decide what to do now. After 2 minutes of silence the person say, “I don’t know if it is a problem or not or how can you help me, but I want you to know that I am committing suicide tonight and I am not afraid or nervous about this fact.”He adds, “And one more thing doesn’t try to stop me from doing this. I have set my mind already. “He has such boldness in his voice.

This is the most peculiar phone call that ever came in Midnight Talk. Robin doesn’t have something to say because he doesn’t regret for anything for which he can console. Robin is award winning RJ; it is not possible that in any situation he became confused. He says, “Ok, I will not tell you to stop, but at least let me know for which you have chosen this path?”

Again a long silence on the other side, after one minute the reply comes, “I am sick. You may not know it by seeing me but you can feel it by talking with me as you are feeling something weird about me. I can’t talk properly, I don’t have answer to even the simplest question, I take time to answer, I behave awkward in front of any strangers .so my wife gave me divorce, my all surroundings always tried to pull my leg because of this. I can’t deal with this situation anymore. This is only way which I can found.”

Isn’t it silly reason to die? Robin thinks it in his mind. He asks, “How can you be sick, you are just an introvert?”

“You can’t understand. I know, because you have never faced such problems, you are a RJ you can communicate easily with any stranger on any topic, what even normal people can’t do. Again I can’t talk properly in front of people. We both are abnormal, don’t you think so? Any normal people can’t talk so fluently with any person, so you are not like them. Why all people accuse me for being such? They never accused you for being weird….”

A sigh creates silent over another end. Robin was so startled by his comments that he couldn’t find a proper reply. What should he say to him now? In 5 years of his RJ life it never happened that he didn’t have an answer for anyone. But he realised that mad man is saying the right thing which he can’t deny. World is so complex. Mindset of the society is quite intricate. The thing we see is different from the thing we feel and another we adopt. But maybe today RJ Deepak has no answer for his listener. He drops the phone, but he feel he can hear the man swallowing the tablet.   

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