Sunday, February 5, 2017

Happily Ever After - fourth chapter

I have made my decision. I will not involve in any illegal work in any condition. But I fixed to go to that building in downtown, it’s not because I wanted to inform Paul that I’m not going to participate in  such a brutal fight, I wanted to go there to see Jegu fighting, I wanted to see how he could be so relentless. I called Jegu to know the timing of the fight. He was very happy because I’m coming to see him. It’s in the afternoon so I decided to meet Suparna in morning.

I went to the hospital, all attendants knew me. I went to 3 rd floor near her room. I waited for a minute, what would I say her? She asked me every day till her admission in that hospital did I managed to get a job or not? May be she was aware of the expenses in her treatment. I saw her lying on bed with all the medical instruments attached with her narrowed body. Generally in this time she remained awake, that day she was sleeping.  I walked to her bed. I didn’t want to wake her. But she opened her eyes. She looked at me. I could see an appeal in her eyes; she wanted to get back to her past life. She wanted to get back to home. She hold my hand and didn’t say anything, I saw a drop of tear was roiling down her cheek. I dragged the chair and sat near her. I hold her hand and asked, “How are you?”

She didn’t answer my question instead she looked outside the window. I wanted to feel her normal, “this will end soon. Our baby will come with a new light, everything will be changed.” My voice didn’t sound promising.

She looked at me and said, “I know, my dear. Everything will be alright.”

Then I sat on her bed with her hand in my hand for a few minutes until the nurse called for me, “Mr. Dasgupta? Can you please come outside?”

I kissed her and came outside, the nurse escort me to the doctor.

“Mr.Dasgupta, you must be aware of the fact that your wife has a complicated pregnancy and it need to be operate now. You haven’t deposited the money required for operation this week. So, we have to postpone our operation. It will be on the following week. So if you can’t deposit the money by tomorrow you will risk your wife’s life yourself.” Doctor left without hearing any of my excuses.

Doctors are very smart people they just put all the blame for someone’s death, someone’s in ability on their family. They never took any responsibility. Like, if my wife dies it’s my responsibility and I will be killer. But it’s not the proper time to react on that. I nodded in the doctor’s words.
I came onto the roads. I have to deposit 8000$ tomorrow by any means. I was walking on the road thinking all this. Suddenly I notice I’m almost near the downtown. I looked at my watch, its 3a.m. Jegu said that their fight will start on 4. I decided to go to that building. It was too claustrophobic atmosphere there; it has become like a fish market. I lot of people have impended. Jegu noticed me, he pulled me aside.

“You have arrived quite early bro.” I could feel his excitement. Maybe he was excited for the money he was getting or for the fight, but I didn’t have to ask, he answered himself. I have this match against Thunder; he has been 5 times champion of this tournament. Suddenly he whispered in my ears and he has a killed 37 fighters here. I was totally shocked, how could he be so cool. I asked, “And you aren’t afraid of him? Are you kidding me?”

‘Yes, I’m. Who said I’m not? But it’s my last chance to save my mother.” He smiled at me. “And suppose if I lost, which is same to my death. Because it’s his style to kill his final participant. Then you will take my place and kill him to take my revenge that’s it.”

I didn’t see any fear in his eyes. “I will not do such thing. And why are you going into this? You don’t have to do this. You can spend your life beautifully.”

“Yes, brother. I’m just trying to this only. If I win that money. I will pay all my due bills and will stay happily.  Do you know how much is the prize money? It has been doubled its 15000$. Can you imagine? A bag of green notes in just 15 minutes of fighting. I’m too excited to get that. I have to be ready man, bye.”

I looked around a fat guy, whole body tattooed entered within the ring. He has a mic in his hand he may be a member of organiser or a referee. I smiled on my own thinking, referee of an illegal fight, who has to keep rules when there is no rule. Yes, he also said this, that there is no rule and aware the audience that this going to be a great fight because two great fighters are going to smash one another; it’s going to be a great bull fight.

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