Sunday, February 12, 2017

Happily Ever After -final chapter

The referee first welcomed five times champion Thunder on the stage. Thunder came on the stage with a mask on his face; his whole body was covered with tattoos. He was started brawling on the stage like a prodigy. He was coming nearer the ring and using slangs without any reason. Then the commenter called for the name of Jegu. He came up on the stage and waved his hands. He was pointing towards Thunder and signal to crush his head.

The mob was very excited for that fight, all were cheering on their participant’s name. It was clearly understandable that Thunder has more supporter than Jegu as he was a five times champion. The referee started the fight, all people present there were shouting indulgently. It seemed that there was two beasts within the ring fighting for they life.

The fight was conducted in 3 halves. In the first half Jegu was quite dominating over Thunder. He was showing quite professionalism, he pushed himself on the ring and hit by swirling on Thunders head. He fell on the ground with this hit, and then Jegu wrenched his neck in his hand and applying pressure onto his neck. Thunder started choking. But he was also a champion; he pushed his leg to slip out of Jegu’s grip and squeezed his leg onto his grip. The fight was being very much interesting. The mob was becoming more augmented. But I haven’t seen Jegu fighting like this ever before. He hit onto Thunders face with his other leg and soon made himself free from his clusters and save his blow, but injured Thunder’s leg by a side kick. The referee announced end of the first half.

I came to Jegu in that gap. More people are gathering to bid their money because the fight was not one sided as they expected. I heard the referee announcing the prize money is increased to 18000$, it was enough to make any man rapacious. Jegu was bleeding from his head; he was washing it with a towel. I tried to help him. I asked him, “what do you think, you can beat him? But you fought really well.

“It doesn’t depend on what I think, I have to do this for my mama otherwise I have to lost her.” His eyes were shedding fire. I didn’t want to continue this talk because this can break his confidence.

With another siren the second round started. Thunder had removed his mask, half of his face is burnt, so he was wearing the mask .in the first minute he lifted Jegu on his head and slammed him on the ground. The crowd stopped shouting with a sound of breaking bones. It was so immediate that no one could understand what happened. Jegu was tumbling within the rings. Thunder kicked him in his spinal cord again. He started yelling in pain, but the excitement in the crowd is irresistible his howling remains silent in the madness of the crowd. Jegu declared end of the round 2.

I ran to him, helped him to get up. He smiled at me; his face was flooding with blood. “Maybe this is my last fight Ani, if I die. You are a professional fighter please take my place and save your wife. One of my bones in spinal cord is broken. I can feel it. I will die soon.”

“No, you will not.” I patted my hand on his back, “you don’t have to fight. Quit this and go back to normal life.”

“This is not possible now, my friend I have came across a long path. If I quit this fight, people here will kill me right in front of you here. I have no option left I have to fight. Don’t worry preparer for a fight full of vengeance.”

With the final siren the 3rd round started. I didn’t understand why Jegu was pulling me within this, I couldn’t fight like this, or I couldn’t see Jegu die like this. The last round was very much predictable. Jegu was just crawling on the ground he didn’t have the chance to fight back. Thunder started kicking him again and again. Once Jegu got grip on his leg, but couldn’t do much harm. He just lied down onto the ground like a worm. Thunder clenched his hands and hitting on his back harder. Jegu couldn’t tolerate anymore but he was not giving declaration that he lost. He would die if he continues like this. I came close to the ring and asked him to give up the match. He was sweating blood from his body. He looked at me and says, “Take revenge, kill him, save your wife…” he can’t take it further because Thunder started choking him, he didn’t gave up until death.

Jegu’s exanimate body fell on the ground. Thunder was celebrating his winning. But within that time I had already made my decision I have to put an end to this. I entered within the ring, “he hasn’t declared his losing, and I’m replacing him.” I stated this to the referee. He wasn’t agreed with my proposal, but the crowd gone crazy with this climatic situation. So the referee had to be agreeing with me.

Thunder came towards me; his muscles are swelling up from his arms. He whispered in my ear, “sentiment, yeah? I killed him, I will kill you too. No one can stop Thunder.” I didn’t put attention to this shit, dressed up in boxing dress, and tried to remember some of my skills which I left for rusting in my trunks back in my country.

 Thunder was extremely powerful. In the first shot of him, I was almost dropped from the ring. People were using slangs against me. Thunder came close to me blow a punch on my face. My jaw seemed to be broken; I’m bleeding from my nose and jaw. Suddenly I noticed a chair was resting outside the ring, I rushed to that corner, took the metal chair in my hand. I didn’t know what has come within me. Thunder was celebrating his winning. I hit on his head as hard as possible he dropped on the ground like a sand fall. But I was within an obsession

I didn’t stop. I was beating him hard on his head till it became so demolish that no one can understand who he was. The crowd’s furore induced my cruelty.

“I take the revenge Jegu. I kept my word.”I told to myself. The referee came inside the ring and pull my hand up, I m the winner because I have successfully killed my opponent with extreme cruelty. I saw Paul was coming to the stage. He came in front of me, “I know you are a greater fighter. A spirit of fighter never lost. Here’s your prize.” I was just going to split on his face but the cash in his hand stopped me. He was giving me 20000$. I took it and silently left the arena. I remembered I have to pay the operation charge of Suparna. Now she will recover. I bought some flower for her, as its 14 th February, the day when we take the pledge to walk together. I noticed the city has dressed like a princess, from whom a prince can do anything, even a murder….  

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