Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happily Ever After - third chapter

Part 3

The dream of living ‘happily ever after’ life seemed impossible to me now. I sat down near the window and look into the night sky, I never seen the moon happy but people say, she is the source of exhilaration, she arouse romanticism within a poet, brings love within a rough guy, transmute a practical man Poetic, but she is not happy either. Sometimes the black torn clouds are trapping it with their permeable coverage.

 Suparna was admitted to a nearby hospital, I knew she was not getting proper treatment there, but I have no way. I didn’t have that money for her proper medication; surprisingly she didn’t have any compliant against me. May be she was trying to become accustomed with this situation. Now I could realise that one of my teacher said me back in school – poverty leads to desperateness and it leads to shipwreck, either it ruin yourself or others. Yes, I was then desperate to get some money in any cost, I wanted to have a healthy baby and I knew the operation cost was out of my scope but I have to collect this money.

Paul called me the next day; he wanted to meet with me. I agreed to meet with him in that coffee shop. He came well dressed that day. He started talking, “I know it is little awkward to you why I have call you here like this. Isn’t it?”

“No... Means yes, why have you called me here. You haven’t disclosed that.”

“You know who I’m?” I shook my head as I didn’t. He started cherishing his old days, “I was also a wrestler like you. I was a national level champion but see no one remembered me. There was a bomb blast during my wrestling fight in Dubai. You may have heard about it, 43 men are died. I and my partners are also injured, but in reality my career died there. During that blast I lost my leg.” he is pointing towards his left leg. I was kind of surprised; he walks so properly that no one can understand he has an artificial leg. “But I never quit from wrestling”, he continues, “I stated this wrestling arena here. Your friend Jonathan also work there.” I understood he was talking about Jegu, he took the name Jonathan there, but this man is running an illegal business here.

“But isn’t it illegal? You will be in a great problem if police come here.” I personally can’t accept what he was saying, and how could he give that bloody street fight a name of wrestling.

“Yes, I know this. Police patrolling in this area is very rare. Although we have some other security measures. You don’t have to worry about all this.” He looked a little unsatisfied for my interest in his business. “But I haven’t called you to hear my success or failure. I am here to make you successful. I believe that you are a fantastic fighter, you can make a lot of money out of here.”

The word ‘fighter’ didn’t seem comfortable to me. I was a player not a fighter, though I didn’t say anything about this. I thought maybe letting him speak made me understand him more what he wants from me.

“They absolutely don’t obey any rules during fight means there is no rule; maybe you have already heard it from Jonathan. I’m inviting you to join my company. You have to give me 40% share if you wins another 60% is yours. Now you may be thinking that what if you lose. Don’t worry we will pay you 20% of the bid money. In both ways you will be beneficial, and I heard from you previous day that you need money very badly. This maybe a chance for you, prove you. And moreover I gave a strong belief that you will not lose. We can even lend you some money without interest if you join us. The choice is up to you. You have got my number, give me a call when you set your mind.” He paid the bill and leave immediately, but what he has said was reverberating within my mind.

He was offering me a job that is completely illegal, but I knew if I succeed I would have got a lot of money, but I have promised my mom before leaving India that I will not involve in any illegal activity. My luck was constantly pushing me towards the wrong path. Jegu came to my place on that day. He said he was not here to convince me, he was just preventing me from wasting my skills locked in a dark room. He wanted to expose my skills in front if others. But I was very resolute in my decision; I will not do any illegal work. Jegu had to leave disappointed from my house but I know he will understand my situation later. Before going he has invited me to come to that building where their fight was being conducted, they have something like final of a championship and Jegu was qualified in this. He also added that if he wins that championship he will get a lot of money and he could pay one month due bill of his mother.

I sat on the couch after Jegu left and thinking about what I should do now. I felt Suparna is telling me to not to involve in those things but I can observe the glow of her face is evanesced in just two months of tiresome situation. Whenever I went to the hospital she looked at me in an elegiac vision, she wanted a freedom from this unintelligible pain.

Is there any light in the universe which can supersede this darkness which is swallowing my life? I couldn’t sleep during night for weeks. When you started your journey for a better life, the surrounding will suppress you. There is a race for happiness, everyone wants to be happy but the seats are limited. So someone get a permanent happy life and someone has to spend all his life struggling to survive. The man’s world is way more complicated than animals which even Darwin can’t explain… 

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