Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happily Ever After - second chapter

Part 2

 This story is not about Jegu, he was struggling for his life since a long time, but it’s about me. I was living a happy life with Suparna. But my woe never left me for a long time. I’m now asst. senior accountant of my company. But I was framed by my boss in the charge of misbalancing in the finanacial expenditure sheet of my company, which he expensed in her daughter’s marriage ceremony. I have no proof worth supporting my testimony. I couldn’t take that disrespect anymore, so I left the company without a second thought. Maybe I thought I can easily manage a suitable job for me within a week.

I was wrong; it was the time of recession. Different companies are cutting off their employee expenses. They were not ready for recruiting new. It was the phase of my life when my 5 years of ‘Happily Ever After’ was in jeopardy. Every day I went out in morning and came back at night with a rush of disappointment. Three months has been spent, I was jobless. Suparna was going to be mother. Doctor gave the delivery date next month, how could I manage that money. I had a moderate salary but that is enough for hardly spent my daily livelihood. We never thought of such a situation. I didn’t have much savings. I was so desperate for an income that I was ready to work as a clerk. But with my great pitiable luck, I failed to manage this too.

Within this pandemonium the thought of Jegu was out of my mind. One day I met him on road at around 6p.m. he was bleeding from his lip corners. I wasn’t surprised. I called him, “hey, Jegu! How are you doing? It’s been a long time after which I’m seeing you.”

He was tingled seeing me. He came to me, “Ani, what have you done to yourself. I heard that you have to leave the company for that bastard’s false statement. I tried to contact you many times but you have switched your phone off. I have even gone to your place but they said you have left before 2 months. But why? Why are you hiding yourself?”

“You are wrong. I am not hiding. I have no income since I was driven out of the company. I can’t afford that flat anymore. I live in downtown now. Whatever how’s your mother?” I tried to avoid those rotten topics.

“She is the same as you seen herself, maybe you are right. It’s better to die than to live like that.” It’s the first time when I saw Jegu so despondent about his mom. “But I can’t believe that you are running through a financial crisis.”

I gave him an artificial smile, “Suparna is pregnant and she has a complicated pregnancy. So the operation charges will be quite higher. Her delivery is fixed on next month. I can’t make out how I could manage this much money in that short time. I can’t want help from India, as they are in quite tough condition there. They are spending just a lower middle class life. I don’t know… what I should do…”

“Let go to the coffee shop”, Jegu invited me in a nearest coffee shop. It was quite small, with small round tables around, those were also dirty. Three or four men were eating burger and coffee. It seems No one has taken care of the shop for a long time. We sat on the right most corner table. “So, you have great problem now.”Jegu said. I was busy looking at the man sitting on table no.8 though the number got faded but I can recognize it. He alone was drinking coffee, but this wasn’t the thing that gained my attention. A gun was popping up from his belt strap. Jegu noticed at the thing in which I am looking at, he tried to distract me. “Hey, what happened? We should have discuss about you problem here.”

“Yes, yes”, I came back from my distraction, “can you help me? I know you also have a tremendous need of money but I am not telling you to lend me money. Can you please find me a job? Some job, even if it’s a work of a clerk, I’m ready to do it.”I hold his hand with an utmost helplessness.

“Don’t say to me like that. I will try; I would see how I could help you. Please don’t worry.” Our coffee came on our table. Maybe the shop was small or atmosphere was filthy, but the coffee tasted so nice.

Suddenly that man left the table, and came towards us. I was terribly frightened. He put his hand on Jegu’s shoulder; he hasn’t noticed him as he was facing opposite to that man. Jegu saw that guy but he wasn’t shocked, that man called him on one corner of the shop and telling something. What can they talk about; maybe he was an agent he was talking to his contestant. Jegu was denying him for something as I could understand from my table. After completing their conversation, Jegu came back to me. He didn’t say anything about it nor did I ask. We leave that coffee shop. He said that he has to go to the hospital. So I bade him goodbye. He promised me to do something for me within a week. These words can’t please me now.

He called me that night. He was saying, “Can you meet me tomorrow? Someone wants to meet with you.” As I don’t have any work now, I said him that I would come.

  We met in the same coffee shop. This time that slaughterous person was sitting with Jegu. He smiled at me seeing me at the door. My heartbeat became faster; I sat in the chair next to him.

“He is Anirban…” may be Jegu was going to introduce me, but the person stopped him. “I know who you were and who you are. But I want to know who you want to be?” his voice is unexpectedly thick. “I have much information about you. You are the state level wrestling champion in your country even you have appeared for national, but maybe you have to discontinue this for your college or family pressure that I’m not sure. You have a wife who is also Indian and you have driven out from your country illegally. Now, you wife is pregnant and for this you need money.”

I was so much stupefied by his statement. How could he know all this? May be he got the last information from Jegu but what about his teenage. One of his physical training teachers back in India discovered that he has potential in wrestling in 5th standard. There from his journey started he won two times under 19 wrestling championship trophy. And yes he was appeared for national level also but his father couldn’t manage that much money for his training. His elder sister’s wedding was fixed and it was huge expense. So, he has to discontinue my career. This was one of his greatest despondency in my life, but maybe he was too accustomed with his misfortune. Even now, he was living in such a situation that any man would die in a life like this, he failed to treat pregnant wife properly.

“Am I right Mr. Dasgupta?” my thought ceased with his statement.

“Yes”, I replied like a black past of my life is getting nurtured.

“WHAT?” Jegu was almost shouting, “but you never tell me about all this. You are a wrestler?”

“No, I was. Now the wrestler is dead. He is locked in the suitcase in India with all the medals. Here is only a family man who needs money urgently for his wife’s treatment, who is so helpless that he can’t gift a easy comfortable life neither to his parents nor to his wife .I fail my life.”, my nonstop talking about my misfortune made them speechless. Even I saw a little lenity in the eye of that ruffian type person.

Suddenly a phone call came to that person. “Sorry, I have to go Mr. Dasgupta. By the way I’m Paul Santos. He will give you my phone number.” He pointed towards Jegu. “I hope I can fix a meeting with you tomorrow”, he disappeared from the shop swiftly; within seconds we heard a sound of a Harley Davidson was becoming faint… 

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