Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happily Ever After - first chapter

Part 1

There is no ‘Happily Ever After’ in reality. When your problems are seems to abolish form your life and you are going to just start a new peregrination with your close person then your circumstances become the main obstruction in this way. I’m Anirban Dasgupta, I completed my graduation from a commerce college in Kolkata, India and was an accountant in a mnc in LA, USA. You may be surprised about what is a general commerce graduate of India dong in America? No, it’s not my calibre in anyway, one of my distant relative is MD of that mnc and my mom knew that, she requested to that person to get me a job in US. He was a kind person. He managed an online interview for me, and luckily i passed in that interview and was ready to fly to US. But before this I married Suparna, whom I loved from my school, I promised her I will marry her as soon as i got a job. So we both sailed to America. It was a very delightful moment for me, I thought this was the time when all my anxiety and struggle is going to resolve. May be I’m wrong that day.

I was very exhilarated being there, I had a moderate salary so that we both can spend our livelihood quite comfortably. Even we went out in the weekend in universal studios or in Getty centre or maybe we go in long drive in Griffith Park. My only friend there was a south Indian guy his name is Jegathiswaran, he was my companion till I started my work here, and he guided me in any tough situation. He worked below me in that mnc but I always saw him as my own brother. But one thing I was noticing for a long time that he went to somewhere else after office which I didn’t know, and when I asked him about this, he always ignored or tried to avoid it. I discussed that matter with Suparna. She was also worried about him. So, one day I followed Jegu after office. He was going towards Adams and San Pedro just south of Downtown LA. He entered into a building there, I become more curious, and I followed him into the building.

It seemed a big party is happening there. Some people are shouting at a pick voice. I tried to enter within the mob to cross them. I saw a ring, means a boxing ring among the mob and some people around the ring are shouting for highest bid and praising in the name of the players, I understand they are agents of their contestant. Some other people are putting their money into their hands and enrolling their names. They are dressed very awkwardly. I feel a little weird there. But I made it that what for jegu came here every day. He came here for gambling. Once I heard from him that his mother was ill so he had to gather money for this. I feel sorry for him. But in the next moment I became very angry, he must have told me about that matter. I decided to talk with him today, but the strange matter is that I haven’t seen him since I entered in this building. An announcement was happening in the mic: “Get ready for an exciting nerve enthralling fight among Tornedo and Jonathan. It’s the fight between a black and a white, whom will you support? There is muscleman Tornedo and steel man Jonathan. COME ON, COME ON. Put your money on these great fighters let them be more interested in fighting.” I felt a little curiosity within me, I have never seen a street fight. I wanted to know how it is. First I saw Tornedo within the rings, he is showing his brawny body flaunting his biceps. His breath was sounding like a buffalo. Then I noticed ‘Jonathan’, the black steel person. I know him very well. I am here because of him. Jegu was looking different, his eyes are looking for blood. His body was looking like structured within a stone rock. This was the first time i'm seeing him shirtless, he has tattoos allover his body. He was using slangs against his opponent and smacking on his chest with his fist.

The fight started, the man behind the ring was announcing in mic that the fight is of three rounds and ‘There is no rule for fighting’. Everyone around me is cheering for their contestant. I put 100 dollars in the hand of the gambler. Tornedo looked quite strong, he butted towards Jegu with his head but jegu dodged it with excellent professionalism. He gave a side kick within a second of his attack but tornedo is indomitable. He held Jegu’s leg in an instant and threw him towards the rings. Jegu was bleeding from his nose, he got up but he didn’t put any attention to this. He wiped it out and put himself against the rings. With that reaction he rushed towards tornedo put his hands in such a fashion that when tornedo fell into ground Jegu grabbed his head on his hands. Tornedo now can’t move an inch, Jegu started choking him. Tornedo tapped in ground and accepted his defeat. I couldn’t imagine that Jegu is fighting like a beast within the ring. I came out of the place and decided to wait near the door till the fight ended. I completely forgot about my money. I could hear the feral shouting from the hall in the name of the contestants.

After about one hour when the shouting converted into slow humming. I saw Jegu, coming out of the hall completely divested in the fight, he was trying to wipe the bloods from his face. I thought he has done some medication as I saw I bandage on his head. I followed him on the road. He was going towards the market area. I stopped him, “is this the right way in which you are spending your life? You can even die tonight, no one will take the responsibility, I have heard that they will bury the dead body and no one will know about it.”

Jegu was shocked a little seeing me then he smiled harshly, “do you want to know, why I am doing this?”

“Yes, obviously. Show me what is the reason for this medieval mentality?”

“Then follow me.”

I have come many times in his house. But he took another route. We came near a hospital. “Come, Ani see for whom I’m doing all this illegal works.”

He took me to the fifth floor. He told me to wait outside an office, and put out a bundle of money from his pocket. After 5 minutes he came out of the office and entered into the cabin next to that office. I am so much unprepared for that situation that I’m standing there bemused. He called me within the cabin. I entered into the room, saw an old lady lying on the bed with several medical instruments attached with her body, her eyes are closed. Jegu said, “it’s my mama, she was in coma for about 3 months, every day I have to deposit 8000$ in this hospital in just a hope that one day a miracle will happen and mama will wake up.” I’m looking towards the old lady, it seems that she has lost her life, but the doctors are trying to pull her in this toilsome world. I feel very dolorous that moment.

“I have no other way Ani, if I have, then I will not come in this illegal path”, Jegu broke down into tears. I tried to console him, “I will see if I can do something for you. Is it not better for your mama to die than living like this?”

Jegu looked towards me, did he get hurt? I didn’t make out, his eyes were too blurry for any expression.

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