Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Sky without Stars - final chapter

It was a profound sleep of about 5 hours. Now I had to be ready for my last crime. I packed my luggages, as i decided already to leave this country, as soon as my work would complete. I had my visa for Spain, was ready to live the life beautifully there; I booked two tickets to Madrid for me and Suresh. But the problem was he was not receiving my call. I massaged him to come back home within tonight.

 The grandpa clock in my dinning showed 1 o’clock. It was the perfect time. The DEA agent lived in Los Campos - Carrere 89. I arrived near his apartment. The door was locked, but I had the duplicate key, went inside his house cautiously. I had the blue print of his house. I thought he was in his bedroom, opened the door as slowly as possible. Put the silencer on the nose of my gun. Yes, I found him. He was sleeping with his baby girl. Maybe his wife had gone elsewhere. I had the order to kill both of them.

I was approaching towards his bed. That room had only one sound of clock ticking. His daughter hugged his father tightly. His daughter looked too innocent, she didn’t deserve this. I was getting distracted from my goal. It was my last crime, my last murder. After this I would be free. Free to live a healthy life with my son. The gun was already loaded, it was GLOCK-17, one of the best automatic handguns, and I had to just pull the trigger. But something was preventing me. How could an innocent girl resist a coldhearted killer from murdering? Ah, I was visualizing Suresh within that girl. His innocent face in childhood was roaming near my eyes. I had to get rid of this. I didn't have much time left, what would I do now?

I failed again. I came back home. Suresh was already arrived. We had no time left. It should end today. I wanted freedom from this unintelligible torture. “Son, we are leaving for Madrid make your necessary things ready. Our flight is on 4 a.m.", I have no other way than escape.

But Suresh protested," why should I leave? Why should I suffer for your misdeed?" He howled to his dad.
“No Suresh, you are getting me wrong. I want to make things better. To live a life without any crime, any risk. Far away from this inferno. If you love your dad a little then go with me, otherwise you have to see me dead in my own house tomorrow. Please, understand me. Your dad will never do anything which is wrong for you. Please trust me", I felt a cold stream was flowing down my cheeks from my eyes. I thought Suresh was also quite surprised and also frightened with my behavior. So, he didn't make any objection. He was started packing his suitcase. I put my hand on his shoulder," we will go so far that no evil can touch us. You will see a different dad from tomorrow. I promise you."

I was quite tensed even at the time of entering the airport. Blackie had a very sophisticated network. If someone informed him about this failure, he would certainly kill me. I was not afraid of me. I was afraid of Suresh. But we had boarded the plane safely. I closed my eyes with an utmost tranquility as I was going far away from this cursed life. How was I doing all this through all this years? Police had never got a single clue against me. No one knew about it but how could I face myself at the end of my life? Suresh had opened my eyes. I looked at him. He was curled up under the blanket. The ac was too chilling. I covered him with my blanket.

At last, I was relieved when we reached Madrid. I had booked a hotel there already for couple of days. I planned to buy a house there as I had enough stuff for spending my life lavishly. I told Suresh to rest in the room and I went out in the search of a house which fit my budget. This people spoke Spanish so it was not a problem to accustom with the new environment. I found a house which met our requirement; it was a little outskirts from the main city. But it was in a wonderful place, I loved that city. I came back in the hotel; I had to live in the hotels, till the handover. I entered into our room but didn't find Suresh anywhere. I was calling for his name.

Suddenly my phone rang, I picked up the phone. But the voice on the other side of the phone made me scared severely. The cold voice over the phone said, “Do you think you are very smart? We know where you are. No one can escape from Blackie's den. If you want your son alive come to the room no 103 of hotel Arkanta." And the stranger dropped the phone.

I was completely devastated. Even I didn’t ask the address or street name, I didn’t have courage to ask for it. I googled it, it's about 2 hour car journey from the city. I got a cab near the hotel and approached towards Arkanta. It seemed my heart will blast out in any moment. I am never so much tensed. I just wanted to get back Suresh by any means.

The hotel was in a secluded place, far away from the main city. I left the cab and rushed to the hotel. But there was no receptionist; just a key was in on that desk. The key of room no. 103. I had no time to waist. I took that key and hurried to the first floor, open the door of 103. I saw Suresh; he was tied with a chair. I rushed to him unbound him. I thought he is tranquilized. He couldn’t answer any of my questions. He directed his forefinger towards the door. I looked backwards there was a long shadow crossing the door. I tried to understand who it was. Suddenly I felt choked. Something was tightening through my throat. I tried to grab the air, my vision was being faded. I heard a voice behind me," sorry dad, no one can betray Blackie. I knew if we leave in Spain. I couldn’t have my cocaine here. You earned a lot but never gave me a single penny for my cocaine, Blackie gave me. He is more important to me to live. Your mistake has given me the opportunity to become useful to Blackie." He pulled the chain more tightly over my neck. I couldn’t see anything; my eyes were bursting out form my head. One drop of blood was dropped from my nose. Darkness was swallowing my vision, i saw that sky where no star can spread it's brightness. The world is covered by that mischievous dark cloud which has stopped every little light that may give hope.

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