Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Last Train

Robert is almost drenched into the sleep; he is exhausted of his duties. Now, he needs a little intermission, he greases all day long to regale his appetite. He was a bright student but he didn't have much opportunity to shine, his father passed at a very young age, there was no one who can carry out his educational expenses, his mother died at the time of his birth. He was practically secluded from his childhood, but no one helped him. So his education winded up after his fathers funeral. Fortunately, one of his friends fathers apprised him to join metro railway. Now, he is a group D staff here. At least he can spend his livelihood without begging door to door, Robert realized money always matters.

Suddenly the phone rings, Robert startles with the ringing, it ceases his rumination. He picks up the phone, a voice from the headquarter informs him,"the last train is canceled due to lack of passengers, please switch off the compressor." Robert sighs; At last, his duty is over for today.

He advances towards the metro tunnel; the compressor is 100 meter from this station. He should have brought the torch here, it's very dark inside. He is trying to entrap the compressor by hand, he has to just switch it off and then go back to sleep, he is quite whacked today.

Isn't he walking for quite long time? He must have got the compressor till now. Does he lose it? He can't perceive. Again he curse himself for not bringing the torch. He conciliates to go back to the station and bring the torch.

He turns back to go to the station, all on a sudden he bumbles on the ground as his legs collide with something. He gets a cramp in his knees; maybe got scratches in his right elbow little.  He tried to find that thing on which he fell down. He inclines and fumbling for that thing. He senses it; it's cold, but stiff with softness in a little extent. He tries to understand what it is; he is stroking his hand over it.

He becomes cognizant of what it is. It's a human body, a dead body; maybe it's been here for years. Now it is exanimate, sturdy and cold. But where is its other part? from its neck Robert recovers a dusty granular solid, he smells it. It's clotted blood. But where is it's head? Maybe the dead man jostled by the train someday or maybe he committed suicide. But it seems very important to Robert to discover it's all body parts. He is tranquilized by that thought; it seems like the last piece of the puzzle needed to complete that game. He is randomly grabbling on the ground, he doesn't find anything. He doesn't know what has come over him; he is driving by a brutish intoxication. He wants it at any cost. He is desperately looking for its head. Yes, he recognizes it on the either side of the fishplates. He takes it in his hand; Robert can feel the eyes of the accurst person are closed in an ultimate bliss.

Robert sustains there like this for a long time. Maybe he is thinking about that stranger whom he meets today as a dead body with segregated body parts. In the meantime somehow his leg stuck between the fishplates, he tries to drag it up, but he cant. How does he stuck in it? He is trying to pull his leg up with his full strength. Some arcane sound is coming from far, clement  sounds of beating trumpets are resonating within the tunnel.  He has no time to give attention to this. He has to report the authority about that body in the morning, but in which is he stuck? He tries to get rid of it by a jerk, but he can't control the impact and drops on the rail line. He feels an enormous pain in his back, he cant move, he tries to endure the pain.

In the meantime, the extraneous sound becomes more evident. A train is coming, Robert is terrified, beads of perspiration appear in his forehead, but it shouldn't be. They have canceled the last train. But the sound is augmenting through the walls of the tunnel. Robert saw a shadow of restraint maturing on the dark wall developing a fume of a great conundrum. Within seconds it appears near Robert. The train driver notices him, but maybe it's too late. The train has passed over his body. The driver doesn't want to stop there to exacerbate his own risk. He determines to aware the authority about the fact in morning. The train passes with its fullest speed. Roberts body droops on that stranger. His head tumbles beside the unknown head. There's only one disparity, from Roberts body, torrid blood is exuding like water from a perforated pipeline. But both are  frigid, limp dead bodies lying in the darkness of metro tunnel.

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