Monday, October 10, 2016

The Addicted - chapter 4

At the last second before impact I gently push myself off the wall and bang! I smash my right elbow off the lid of the dumpster that is covering the right side and fall into the pile of garbage on the open side. I struggle to breathe, as the air is knocked out of me.

My arm is felt to be fractured.

I scream out in pain and agony as the burning pain in my right arm incapacitates me. I can’t believe I am alive, but I almost wish I were dead rather than having to feel the pain in my badly broken right arm. I can smell the putrid stench of my busted arm commingling with the rotting garbage. I vomit pure, bitter bile all over myself and begin to shake uncontrollably. My body becomes increasingly hot with pain. I turn myself over to my left side to prevent myself from suffocating on my own spew. I vomit more and more uncontrollably to the point of a painful dry heave. My body has nothing left to give, yet it continues to try to force out whatever is left in my system. I continue to lie on my side, covered in vomit and decaying garbage as I try to calm my nerves and regain my breath. I lie there for what felt like an eternity, feeling like I was going to die.

I roll over to my back, put my left hand in my pocket, and feverishly grab at the bottles of pills. I pull one bottle out, open it with my mouth and pour all of the pills into my mouth and force myself to swallow them without choking.

I don’t know which pills I took, and I don’t know what they’re going to do, but all I am hoping is that they have some kind of effect on pain, and that they will take the edge off. I wince like a child who scraped their knee on the unforgiving sidewalk as I look over to my right arm. I can see the bone poking through, and my arm is awkwardly twisted around. I tell myself not to look at it again, as I once again feel the sudden urge to vomit.

My resiliency is at an all-time high. I discard the empty bottle of pills and use my legs to push my body up against the side of the dumpster. I then use the bags of garbage as steps to help push myself higher and higher up towards the opening. With my left arm I grab onto the edge of the dumpster and kick my legs over so that I roll out. I land on my feet and wince at my broken left foot and broken right arm.

I am a disgusting sight to see. Battered, bruised, and broken, the only thing I have my mind set on now is getting away from here and finding a spot to sit down and make it all better.

The sun is starting to come up now, as I uncoordinatedly limp and stumble down the alleyway. As I cross the street I see a man in a suit leave his apartment and walk down towards his car. I try to ignore him, but he yells to me:
“Hey buddy, you don’t look too good!”

He then sees my arm:
“Oh my god. You need to go to a hospital and get that arm looked at son!”
I continue on past him and cross the street, focused on my goal. As I walk I suddenly realize that my pain is beginning to numb, and that despite my body being drained and tired, my mind has become incredibly clear and focused. I stop for a second near a park bench to study my surroundings.
What’s happening? Am I dying and this is my moment of clarity?

Then I remember.
The pills!

Whatever I took must have been some sort of stimulant, as all of the sudden my mind is incredibly focused and I can feel my heart racing. I hobble down the pathway in the park flabbergasted as to what I am feeling. Eventually I come to another street called McLeod. I suddenly begin to realize where I am: I think one of my old dealers lives on this block. I stagger across the street holding my injured arm and dragging my broken foot behind me. As I continue on down the street, in the distance I see a police cruiser coming towards me. I dash towards a nearby alleyway, hoping that I haven’t been seen. I move down the alleyway as fast as I can when I come to a backdoor fire exit opening and stop. I'm totally confused  About my state.i found no way other than  seizuring in the hand of rhe cops...

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