Saturday, September 24, 2016

Falling into Depravity

Contrition impales his mind, an agony of atrocity awning his heart, Sam is trying to assure himself “it’s my first and last time”. He knows he is bound to do this; he has to save his wife, who is fighting death in her hospital bed. As seen he hasn’t left any evidence. He has done quite adroitly for the first time. As he is done with his diabolical work, he goes to Greyworm for a chunk of money.

It's 10 o’clock he is already very late, Doctor has affirmed that the operation will be on 11 am. He hurries to the bus stop. The hospital is not a long way, he relieves after seeing Jessica lying with all life support system acting. He brings his lips, kisses her and whispers, “I can do anything to see you smile like before, you will be alright sweetheart.”

The time has come; she is assigned to the operation theatre. Sam is waiting in the lobby.  He didn't realise how much time has debilitated, the Doctor comes out of the OT. Sam is too eager to know his wife’s condition, but the Doctor doesn't convey the news which he is waiting for. Jessica’s pulse rate is falling exorbitantly; her condition is becoming more capricious. Sam sits on the chair, holds his head in his hand, he is going to lose his loving wife for whom he is ready to give his own life but that will not help now. He is an atheist, his rational mind never let him to have allegiance in God, but now somehow he thinks God is the only way to save his wife.

He goes to the nearby Church; he becomes deranged near the God. He is mourning for mercy, he envisioned that it is his sin for which his wife is suffering. He had a sleepless night; he couldn't realise when he drenched into deep slumber. He tumbles out in the afternoon, with his drowsy eyes he tries to get a grasp of time, the hour hand struck 4 on the big old church clock, a look of despair clouds his face. He sprints to the hospital. He is desperately looking for the doctor. Doctor comes out with a smiling face, “there’s good news for you Mr. Samuel, your wife has overcome the critical situation, and we can execute the operation tonight, and don’t worry. She will be absolutely fine.” Doctor assures Sam.

Sam can’t express his ecstasy, it seems that God is merciful to all, even who never believed it exists. He decides to wait till the operation. So he goes to the waiting room after completing all the necessary paper works. He is reminiscing the sweet memories with Jessica.

They love each other from their college. Jessica’s family was not agreed with their marriage, they had suffered a much trouble after their marriage in convincing Jessica’s family, but now this is past. Jessica’s mom and dad now consider Sam as their own son as there is no reason for repudiates him. Sam is a hard working decent person, his father died when he was 10 years old, his mother alone struggled a lot to raise him, but he can’t fulfil her wish to become a Doctor, he loves painting. However he managed to complete his graduation from a business school and recruited as a manager in a small hotel in queens.

Their married life was very happy, but the accident that day has changed the situation a lot. Firstly, it’s seems she was just senseless, but the matter was not that much immaculate, she as soon as taken to the nearby hospital. They declared she had a haemorrhage in the right temporal lobe. They kept Jessica for a week under observation, but her condition distorted. The Doctor declared there is no other way than operation.

He was almost devastated in this situation but he totally smashed after hearing the expense of the operation. It was a critical situation; they expected an expense of about two hundred thousand dollars. It is quite big amount for Sam. He tried to manage some capital from his family and from his saving, but about half of the expense was remained not acclimatized. Jessica’s family made him responsible for that incident; they were reluctant to help him. In the meantime Sam met Greyworm, who showed him how to manage that enormous expense by one job.

“Mr. Samuel, Mr. Samuel...” the nurse is calling his name.  Sam goes to the reception. “The operation theatre is ready, Doctor has said you to meet him, your wife’s operation has scheduled from 10p.m.”

Sam goes to the 4th floor. Doctor is waiting for him, “come, Mr. Samuel, don’t worry, this is a critical operation so may take a long time, she is quite stable now, we are not expecting any unprecedented situation. You can wait in the waiting room if you want.” Sam smiled harshly; he can’t be alleviated till he sees her wife as before.

He comes to 1st floor, near the waiting room he hears a woman bewailing. The waiting room’s almost empty; a woman is sitting at the corner crying incessantly. Sam enters into the room, he sits beside the woman. “What happened Madam?” the mourning continues, Sam is trying to console her “they have the best Doctors, don’t worry, whom do you come for? Can I know?", " It maybe sometimes soothing to share your agony with a stranger”. Sam pull out the handkerchief from his pocket and give it to her, she takes that and continued sobbing.

 She takes out a paper from her bag and gives it to him. Sam holds it, it’s the death certificate of her husband. Sam knows that person, His address, his name, time and cause of death. All is known to him, as he has killed that man today morning to arrange the money for his wife’s operation; He tried escape from that place, he know he hasn’t left any evidence, no one knows that Sam killed the man, no one will ever find, though he wants to run away from himself.

He see his reflection on the glass wall, isn’t he turning into an animal?  Aren’t his eyes looking for blood? He wants to growl at his highest pitch, but he can’t, someone has choked his throat. Oh! His legs are shivering; it seems his brain will explode. His vision dazzled, perceiving all this he heard a voice, “ Sir, the operation was successful, your wife get into sense, she is safe now, you can meet her, sir, sir…..”. 

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