Sunday, September 18, 2016


A deep grumble in symphony with a harsh whisper cut through the air rising up to Jason’s cell where he was pacing furiously up and down the freezing floor beneath him.  Thunder roared in the distance and the flash of lightning enveloped the room with blinding enthusiasm.  "My son ... I've left him with nothing but the pavement to call home", murmured Jason.  The other Jason materialized in the corner of the room, his face half masked by shadow.
"So they'd just let you walk away from a double murder?" remarked the other Jason smugly.

"Get out of my head", barked Jason.
A voice from another cell shouted" Damn it, Jason.  Go to sleep".  He took this advice and lay down on the punishingly rigid bed.

"It's not my fault.  I'm just here to keep you company in your last few days on God's earth."  The whispers continued to pierce thought until everything stopped and Jason drifted off into an unsteady slumber.

The breakfast bell echoed throughout the prison and rattled against the steel bars enclosing Jason into his own personal hell.  He swung his legs out of the bed, head throbbing, trying to recall what had just happened, soon giving up because of the intense, searing pain preventing him from thinking further.  Jason carefully approached towards the canteen, footsteps and whispers seemed just meters from him.  He grabbed a bowl of hot porridge with the heat of a white coal contained within.  He seemingly sat down on his, but with the other Jason sat opposite.

"Hey fresh meat, There's a seat over here", hallowed Bill to one of the new inmates.  He sat skittishly next to the hulking masses surrounding him, started a conversation to stop him from being eaten alive.

"What's that guy's story over there?" timidly pointing in Jason's direction.
"Oh, Jason?  He became lunatic ever since he shot his wife and her affair at the time.  Left his son to rot on the streets of Kentucky. Poor sod probably doesn't even know what he's done".  While Bill was telling this, fresh meat managed to sneak off out of sight, leaving no evidence of ever being there.
"We've got to get you out of here and save our son", barked the other Jason.
"HE'S MY SON, NOT YOURS", howled Jason at the top of his voice.  A blood red fog obscured his vision for some time, and then Jason not realizing what had just happened stood upon an unconscious guard, bloodied baton at hand, sirens blazed.

"Quick, grab his keys and RUN!” screamed the other Jason.

He did this without a second thought, allowed to drop the baton silently against the stone floor.  The steel doors flew open with such violence that Jason was sucked out like a vacuum.  The twilight sky made it just visible to see Jason running like a starved hound.
Another guard above tower, rifle at hand raised it to eye, rain spattering on the rusted roof above him.  Time slowed, trigger pulled and Jason fell, face first into the mud, blood directing from his wound was laved by the ultimate rain, his life flowing out of him like an emerging butterfly.  

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